Brendan Elliston

Velox Tennis

Velox Tennis is a tennis coaching business primarily for kids. When Ryan’s old website went down, he approached me to create a new website.

Here’s the new website:

Video Scroll through of Velox Tennis Website
Webdesign Website Design wix
Old website home page Screenshot

Webdesign Website Design wix
New Website Home Page

Key Points to the New Website Design:

  • Use of bold colours to attract parents, communicating vibrancy and fun. Also on brand with the new Velox Tennis Logo.
  • Large font to improve readability.
  • Clear call to action on the hero banner of the website “Let’s Play Tennis” 
  • Reviews clearly visible – while parents might likely scroll right through to get to the programs Velox Tennis offers, without realising they will be taking mental note that Velox Tennis is well reviewed and recommended by others. This is why sometimes it is better to place reviews higher up on your website, as rather than nearer the bottom of the page.
  • Clearly displaying information about programs Velox Tennis offers, and next steps to either book or register interest.


This new website, combined with Facebook local group advertising, hiring Virtual Assistants and implementing improved software and systems – we’ve grown Velox Tennis’s player base from under 100 players to over 300.

A word from Ryan Hanrahan, owner of Velox Tennis.

Getting Brendan as a part of my team has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my business. A number of excellent developments have come to fruition in a short space of time with many more exciting ones quickly approaching.

Check out the website and more about Velox Tennis at: