Brendan Elliston

Bluestone Restaurant & Functions

Overrun with the same questions, everyday.

The owners at Bluestone Restaurants and Functions needed a website that would save them time from the countless phone calls that would be made every day. It needed to be a functional, on brand website which would attract new patrons and cut down the time the owners spent on the phone. 

Once this website was created, gone were the days of needing to read out the entire menu over the phone, answer typical questions about their functions, opening and closing times and so on.

Website Traffic

The site was SEO optimised, and is now bringing in over 1000 unique website visits per month on Google.

restaurantwebsite Web Design  Website Website Design
unique website visits in one month – generated organically
Updated Logo

The logo was slightly updated to remove imagery that did not contribute to the overall brand. The updated logo strongly reflects the “bluestone brick” of the restaurants building.

restaurantwebsite Web Design  Website Website Design
Bluestone’s old logo, containing the offbrand “B” at the top
restaurantwebsite Web Design  Website Website Design
Updated logo, vectorised image that can be scaled to any size, and thickened lines to reflect strength and reliability

This website was built on Wix, primarily so that the owners would be able to easily navigate the backend themselves, and make updates when necessary.

Check out the video below for a scroll through of the website.

Bluestone website scroll through